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United Check Card | United Bank ATM Card

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United Check Card Customers

When you plan to travel, please contact Electronic Banking at the telephone number on the back of your card (1.800.7.CHECK.9). Card usage in some foreign
countries, as well as certain regions within the United States, may be blocked for security reasons.


The United Check Card looks like a credit card, but it's not. It takes money directly from your United checking account. The United Check Card is welcomed everywhere VISA debit cards are accepted, worldwide. So you can use The United Check Card wherever you'd typically write a check. Better still, use it where you typically couldn't. Like at most restaurants. Gas stations. Or whenever you're out of town. Or even out of the country. Your purchase will be handled just like any credit card transaction except the money will be deducted from your United checking account.

Are you covered? A federal regulation requires additional authorization from you to cover ATM and Check Card transactions with overdraft protection.

Is your check card covered? Sign Up

If you wish to authorize us to pay ATM and Check Card transactions that may overdraft your account, please review our standard overdraft practices.

The United Check Card doubles as your ATM card. So for your convenience, you only need one card. Use it to get cash instantly from any ATM whose logo is displayed on your Check Card.

To apply for your United Check Card, visit any United Bank Office or download a printer friendly version of the Check Card Application (pdf format)*

Lost or Stolen United Bank VISA® Check Card or ATM Card
Call 1.800.724.3259

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ATMs provide automated teller service to customers whenever they want - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A magnetically encoded plastic card and a personal identification number (PIN) permit customers to make purchases worldwide and get cash out of your checking and savings accounts at ATMs and merchants’ point-of-sale terminals.

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